A lot of Eritrean people live outside of Eritrea. In order to be able to integrate and live better we believe there needs to be enough room that they can live their culture and that there are a lot of opportunities for them to be proud of who they are and what is important for them which creates the right energy level. Our shop provides products that support this and create a sense of belonging to the Eritrean community. On the other hand there is an openness required for the different culture and language of the other countries they live in. Basic needs like security and safety are not always guaranteed in Eritrea, in countries like Switzerland this is not an issue, therefore there is another focus required. As you can build on such a foundation, you can and basically also need to focus on psychological (prestige and feeling of accomplishment) and self-fulfillment needs. If Eritrean people live in Europe and still only focus on basic needs they get bored because these are given services by the State. We support and motivate Eritrean people in Europe to better integrate by education, work, and/or creating their own business. Furthermore, for administration needs in Switzerland we support with consulting and coaching. Let us know where you are at the moment and where you want to go - from a physical and also from a development perspective. We are here to help you!
What is this all about music (Christian Plaschy Music GmbH "ERITREA CONNECT")?

Music stands for integration because all people on this planet like music. Music is the equal part that connects all people.
Furthermore Christian Plaschy Music GmbH provides also music services: http://plaschymusic.com.